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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

The Throne Speech was little more than a rehash -- in 1,907 words -- of what they were already doing ... and would continue to do

A commentary by Alan Forseth, Tuesday December 8th, 2020


Yesterday the three main parties opposed to the BC NDP in October’s Provincial election were united in one thing – a thumbs down to the Throne Speech delivered by Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin, on behalf of John Horgan’s NDP government.

By late afternoon Sonia Furstenau, leader of the BC Greens had a message out to supporters stating:

In the CleanBC plan that BC Greens drafted with the NDP, the government made a commitment to close the 25% gap needed to meet our legally-binding emissions reduction targets.

Instead of making climate action a priority, the NDP approved $6 billion in funding for the fracked gas industry

Meantime, an hour earlier, Conservative leader Trevor Bolin had this to say in a release to members of the media:

We are at a pivotal time in our province, one in which people need security for the future, the removal of red tape which will allow industry to provide jobs, a health care system that works, and a plan to re-open business and the economy”, Bolin observed.

None of this was mentioned in today’s Throne Speech, or even hinted at. Instead, the NDP government of Premier John Horgan continued to celebrate an election win which was based on the promise of a $1000 cheque; that as well as the public’s cynicism and mistrust of the BC Liberals.

Where were the words showing government support of the resource sector – forestry, mining, oil and gas, energy? Please tell me how we stimulate a struggling economy by introducing more people into the workplace through daycare spending?

It was no surprise to see the Conservative support of the resource sector, it was a theme they campaigned on during the Fall provincial election, however their comments on the Throne Speech covered a lot more ground – in sharp contrast to the one sore spot for the BC Green Party.

And as for the BC Liberal Party under interim leader Shirley Bond? She made note of several concerns as well as she highlighted the fact that:

After more than three years of the NDP failing to keep their election promises from 2017, people across the province continued to hear empty words from John Horgan in today’s short and substance-free Speech from the Throne. There was no mention of their promises for universal childcare or cheaper rent and no sign of the accessibility legislation specifically promised to be introduced in the first sitting of the Legislature after the election.

Additionally, she stated that, “Families are worried about seniors in care homes, parents are concerned about the safety of their children, small businesses are struggling to keep employees on the payroll and the doors open, but there’s nothing to address any of these concerns. British Columbians deserve a serious plan and real action from their government, but they’re not getting any of that from John Horgan and the NDP.” 

The reality is there really was nothing new in the Throne Speech. It was little more than a rehash – in a total of 1,907 words of what they were already doing and would obviously be continuing to do.

Or ... nothing more than a repackaging of the campaign promises made earlier this Fall when the NDP told us:

Before COVID-19 hit, we had begun fixing all the problems created through years of the BC Liberals working for people at the top while making you pay the price. And the progress we’ve made together continues with the plan we’re presenting here. With your support, we can continue to move BC forward – investing in people and delivering the programs and services that matter most to you.

There you go ... other than the $1,000 election bribe promised to us if his NDP government was re-elected, the above is the Throne Speech in just 66 words!

BC deserves better than that, but unfortunately the $1,000 dangled in front of the wallets of voters --- and a massive meltdown of support for the BC Liberals – ensured this is what we got ...

... and that’s a pity because there’s more bad road ahead.


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