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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

FELDSTED -- These are not the actions of a nation (China) that respects Canada or even considers Canada to be a sovereign nation

We are not paranoid when we express concerns when someone is out to get us. China is not an ally or friendly nation. China is not even a trustworthy trading partner. Canada is a target for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) espionage.

“... the biggest reason is because us Taiwanese are skeptical of everything the Chinese communist government says. We assume that every official piece of information that comes out of Beijing is a lie ...


... that skepticism of China’s government has served Taiwan very well. When Canada was defending China during press conferences and boasting about how progressive and caring we were to not shut down our borders to foreign nationals travelling from hotspots, Taiwan was boarding every incoming foreign flight, taking passengers’ temperatures and forcing sick people into mandated quarantine ...” -- Calgary Herald, May 23, 2020


China has banned imports of various Canadian commodities on pretexts in order to exert political pressure on our government. China detained two Canadians as hostages in the Meng Wanzhou affair. In February, Chinese operatives in Canada cleaned out our entire supply of medial personal protective equipment. 

These are not the actions of a nation that respects Canada or even considers Canada to be a sovereign nation. Why would our government have concerns over stigmatizing China?


If our government cannot insist on fair and respectful treatment by other world nations, it has no choice but to resign. Canada’s interests, safety, and security come first. As a nation, we are too militarily weak and too small to have geopolitical ambitions.

... April 4th Hajdu chastised a journalist who asked whether the WHO’s data could be trusted if China’s information was inaccurate. It was a legitimate question, but Hajdu tried to shame the reporter for “feeding into conspiracy theories that many people have been perpetuating on the Internet.”

Surely Canada’s federal government has learned by now not to trust China and the WHO, right? Wrong ...

... our federal government doesn’t seem to have learned that some healthy skepticism of totalitarian authorities is, well, healthy. The sooner the whole world learns to follow the lead of Taiwan and assume that China’s reflex response to anything even remotely embarrassing to the state is to lie, the safer we’ll all be -- Calgary Herald, May 23, 2020


Pretending that we have influence at the United Nations and can alter the actions and direction of member nations is ridiculous. Billionaire investors and blocs of third world nations exert far more influence at the UN than Canada can ever dream of. Our government is playing checkers in the most intense poker game in the world.

The biggest players are China, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and France all of whom have been playing hot and cold war games against one another for over two centuries.

We are not going to save the world, but if we refocus on creating the best Canada we can, we might manage to salvage the nation.



John Feldsted ... is a political commentator, consultant and strategist.  He makes his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba


  1. I think you underestimate how bad the PRC govt is plus you omit how Germany is remilitarizing and soon will dominate / control the EU, but otherwise yeah: the regime in China is execrable. (I wonder if they have an ideogram for that word.) In any case yes we are in a struggle to salvage our nation. COVID seems to have exposed and thus perhaps accelerated the prophesied demise of the world society and economy. I tend to favour more self-determination by Canada's provinces, such as B.C. issuing its own currency again, as it has done several times in the past eg WAC Bennett's centennial dollar coins but also its network of Treasury Branches that we de facto banks.


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