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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

BC NDP government says, “Making life better for people at the heart of throne speech” -- the struggle is real, thanks for your help!

BC Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin

It seems that NDP Premier John Horgan also has his own members in the ‘few at the top’ club. 

Yesterday in the BC governments Throne Speech, the NDP government of John Horgan, indicated they would be presenting a clear path forward for a government that is working to make life better for people.

People deserve the opportunity to build a good life in the communities they call home, with housing and child care they can afford, quality public services, like health care and education, good jobs and a better future,” said Premier John Horgan.

For years, choices were made for the few at the top, while life became more difficult for everyone else. Our government is making different choices and working to build a better B.C. for everyone.”

Those few at the top’?

Well that’s an interesting choice of words for Horgan.  He has his own few at the top as well.  Those environmentalists, for example, that he cheers on from the sidelines for blocking legally approval resource projects, while at the same time putting one piece of legislative policy in place, after the other, to stall and stop these same projects.

Horgan also seems to have additional members in his ‘few at the top’ club, that make out well.  In 2017, 35% of donations to the NDP came from unions – those same unions now benefiting from the “Community Benefits Agreements” which will see BILLIONS in taxpayers money going to a few select unions building BC projects.

Meantime at the BC Liberals AGM last fall, Liberal pollster Dimitri Pantazopoulos, who was also former principal secretary for former Liberal Premier Christy Clark, decided that was a good time to tell all that, “saying that clarity of message is the quality of winning politicians.”

He also went on the say that Donald Trumps slogan of “Make America Great”, was repeated constantly. “That’s the first and most important aspect of political leadership and of winning.”

It seems that to the BC Liberals, a good slogan trumps (pardon the pun) having good policy every time.

Yup --- those at the top see the good life, no matter whether it’s the BC Liberals, or the BC NDP, who are in power.

More from the Throne Speech yesterday stated that, “Making life better for people starts with the choices we make every day (like impeding good resource jobs that benefit union members and BC as a whole).

Or how about this one?

Our government’s affordability initiatives have put more money back in people’s pockets (what examples of REAL money - not pocket change for coffee can Horgan's NDP offer us?).

We are on the path to better health care for patients, quality care for seniors, better schools for our kids, more opportunities for young people, and good jobs with good wages in every region.  Metro-Vancouver political hotbedsthe ones needed to win the next election -- are the ones seeing new schools built.  What about the interior however? The last new school in the ENTIRE Kamloops - Thompson School District was Pacific Way Elementary -- in 2000

And new Health Care facilities --- can anyone say Nanaimo Regional Hospital without at the same time recalling the by-election called there?  One which Horgan’s NDP desperately had to win in order to maintain government?

Checking back in on that Throne Speech from yesterday, we hear that:
To help people struggling to make ends meet, government is making life more affordable by eliminating Medical Services Plan premiums while at the same time sticking employers (like your own municipal government) with a double payment this year. You’re paying for that through increased takes – the struggle is real, thanks for your help!

Here’s another good one from the Throne Speech:
To reduce climate pollution and create jobs and opportunities for people, government has released its CleanBC plan, which will reduce emissions and create an innovative, low-carbon economy. Government will bring forward measures for the implementation of CleanBC in Budget 2019.

The all new CleanBC 2019 Horgan / Weaver Buggy
Many will be to young know what they were, however I’m thinking perhaps we should have CleanBC add a new sub-department.  It would help to fund taxpayers with an eco-rebate for purchasing “Bennett Buggies” – they’ll surely help reduce emissions?  In keeping with the GreeNDP government however, I think we'll have to call them Horgan / Weaver Buggies"

Goodness, I almost forgot. 

That will also create new Made-In-BC jobs for those put out of wortk in the resource sector, due to government policies.  We’ll manufacture those Horgan / Weaver Buggies right here in BC by those highly-skilled individuals.

Oh My Goodness --- this just gets better and better for the environment.   

The manure produced by these One Horsepower Horgan / Weaver Buggies, can also be part of new Clean Energy jobs.  Individuals will need to be hired to scoop up un-burned energy coming out of the back-end ... and the manure will help create a better environment as it gets used as a fertilizer to replace chemical alternatives

Yesterday in the Throne Speech, the NDP Premier John Horgan made the following statement:
Making life better for people starts with the choices we make every day ... today and every day, our government is going to keep working hard to make life better for people

I don’t know about you ... but sadly for me it appears we’re still going to be waiting for that to begin.

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth, and now I am very much interested in hearing what your thoughts are on this important topic.  Please take a moment to write them down in the Comments Section directly below this blog post.


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