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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN ... the week of September 15th to 21st

Again, this week had it’s fill of election campaign stories, including an interview with Calgary Nose Hill Conservative MP Michelle Rempel ... Kamloops Resident John O’Fee, and Prince George resident Tom Birth, had an exchange about discrimination and identity politics ... I expressed concerns regarding the BC government doing an about face of the Community Stands Act which requires reporting by all members of the public including professionals ... and we had three in the Top 10 the week from Winnipeg commentator John Feldsted.

Let’s get things underway ... here we go with ... #10

OLSEN -- You are likely to hear confusing messages about “free, prior and informed consent” being a “veto” handed to Indigenous people; I hope to inoculate you from this virus (September 18th)

... the status quo approach is simply not good enough. Indigenous people and communities continue to be marginalized, their rights are the same as they have always been and, until the upcoming fall session, the province’s approach has been to either outright ignore those rights or force Indigenous people and communities to fight and prove they exist ...

#9 ... FELDSTED -- They are distracting from issues of primary concern to electors with a version of a side show – “Look what we uncovered”. The stench of hypocrisy is overpowering (September 16th)

... our political class, led by the Liberals, appear determined to prove beyond doubt that they have lost their collective minds. Few of us sort out our friends and acquaintances based on their political leanings. We can have a great neighbour, or friend, even if we differ strongly on politics ...

#8 ... FELDSTED -- Depending on the venue, we see the feminist, champion of the downtrodden, ardent environmentalist, champion of the middle class, protector of private sector jobs; the list goes on (September 21st)

 ... Trudeau lacks a moral compass and thus fails to differentiate between right and wrong. He does not recognize personal responsibility which makes his claims of being ashamed and embarrassed by his racism ring hollow. While he claims to accept responsibility for his various missteps, he does not follow through with action to ensure missteps will not be repeated ...

#7 ... O’FEE -- What Every Compassionate Conservative Needs to Do (September 17th)

... we should all accept that Andrew Scheer is a person of strong Catholic faith and that his or anyone’s right to express their faith should be respected.  However, our civil society functions best when members of various faith communities do not impose their faith upon society at large. For example, some faith groups mandate a certain head covering such as a yarmulke, turban or hijab ...

#6 ... FELDSTED -- We should be protected by journalistic integrity, but it has left the building ... and there is no way to police the internet (September 18th)

.... “Breaking news” is always suspect, no matter what the source. It is first impressions news, unchecked and unverified. Within hours, breaking news stories are updated to correct obvious errors. If you are reading news on-line, check the story date and you will often see an initial date followed by an updated date ...

#5 ... FORSETH -- How can those mandated to ensure the safety and well being of children is indeed the paramount consideration, when they are forced to get consent from parent(s) before sharing information? (September 16th)

... today, sections of the Child and Community Service Act (current as of September 11th) were thrown right out the window by our provincial NDP government. This leads me to ask ... Is Katrine Conroy, the Minister of Child and Family Development, now actually in breach of the Act. I ask this due in part to the section pertaining to When Protection is Needed (Section 13*) ...

#4 ... FORSETH -- ALBERTA’S GETTING IT RIGHT … residents in troubled BC neighbourhoods should demand the same protections, sooner, rather than later (September 21st)

... a check with the BC Attorney Generals ministry, headed up by David Eby, regarding Alberta’s process at handling this issue was not at all helpful.  When I asked, his ministry about Alberta’s SCAN program, and if something similar is being looked at for BC, I was told:The government is aware of legislation in other provinces and is currently working on something for BC” ...

#3 ... BIRCH -- Of course, discrimination laws apply to everyone already, but identifying specific groups gives the ability to further divide society (September 17th)

... identity politics is a way of dividing a nation into ever smaller interest groups and then turning them against each other. We call them ‘communities’ to give legitimacy to the new identity. It builds fear, distrust and even hatred between the groups. These can be based on gender, race, sexual orientation or anything else that can be imagined ...

#2 ... Michelle Rempel -- By any metric, this man, is a terrible divisive leader and for somebody to put their name on a ballot, after that?’ – Calgary Nose Hill Conservative MP (September 19th)

... “I think Canadians really do have the responsibility to understand that this election is about ensuring that someone who has lost the moral authority to govern this country, by any metric, does not continue pulling our country away from some of the foundational principles that our democracy is founded on ...  like the independence of the judiciary” ...

And at last we come to the #1 commentary of the week with comes from Ezra Levant, posted on September 16th ...

... it’s become standard practice for the Liberal government to refuse to accredit me or other reporters from my company, Rebel News, at press conferences. Other right-leaning reporters are banned, too. But, at a recent press conference at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, there I was, smiling at Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland from the front row ...

It's been quite a week ... and I expect this coming one will be as much so and more.

As always ... I hope you let others know about the blogsite ... and if you haven’t already, please take a minute to hit the “Subscribe Button” at the top of the page on the right-hand side; that way you’ll always be up-to-date with everything posted.

Enjoy the rest of your day ... and thanks for sharing time with us!


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