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“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” ~~ John G. Diefenbaker

DAY SEVEN ... a look back at the week of September 13th to 19th


Good morning and welcome to another edition of Day Seven, where we look back at the top commentaries and stories of the past week.

With Conservative Finance critic Pierre Poilievre in Kamloops this week, it’s no surprise that he placed twice in the top 5 ... we had pieces on the federal government Safe Restart Agreement ... as well as the provincial Economic Recovery Plan ... as well as next steps for Dr. Leslyn Lewis as she plans to seek a seat in parliament.

We also hear from Conservative Party of BC leader Trevor Bolin, and the BC Liberals John Rustad, about the possibility of an early call for a provincial election.

All this and more, so let’s get started ... here’s Number Ten ...

RUSTAD -- There is a lot more to be said and when/as the campaign unfolds, I will highlight their failings and in particular how they have ignored the plight of rural BC (September 18th)

On the eve of a BC election call (likely in the next week), here is my take on the start of the campaign. First, campaigns do matter. Polls are historically inaccurate, especially over the last number of years.

I don't think an election is the right thing for BC a year early, in the middle of a pandemic and without validated budget information. But if the NDP want to call a reckless election, we are ready to fight them ...


#9 ... Our primary care strategy and the networks are providing a real solution to people so they can get the care they need, closer to home’, said BC Health Minister Adrian Dix (September 17th)

According to information released on Tuesday, by the BC Ministry of Health, people in British Columbia will soon have more options to get quality team-based health care closer to home.

Approximately 660 new full-time equivalent health professionals will be part of 22 primary care networks coming soon throughout the province ...


#8 ... FORSETH -- Sadly, and not just for this current government, what should be information sources for the people of BC, are used for highly partisan purposes (September 19th)

I don’t know about you, whoever it sure seems to me like the BC government News department is working overtime, churning out release after release ... with many (at least in my personal opinion) blatantly partisan.

Yesterday must have been an all-time record, with a total of 24 announcements released ... and they continue to be hard at work even now, on the weekend ...


#7 ... FELDSTED – By not re-electing as many incumbents as possible, we send a powerful message to political parties to listen to us or suffer the consequences (September 14th)

In a previous post, I listed several questions we can put to candidates in the next election to sort out which of them will best represent us. The objective is to ignore the canned talking points candidates have from their political party and talk about issues important to us ...


#6 ... WUN FEATHER - The reason my dad swore out loud, was because Pierre Elliott Trudeau was attempting to force his White Paper through parliament (September 14th)

Having a father who studied for his masters, and then his doctorate in English while I was in elementary school, had its pros and its cons. He literally force-fed grammar and diction to me, even when we were on horseback in the Sawtooth range, or mushing the sled dogs on the trapline.

He often reminded me that the only reason people use vulgarity and obscenities, is because they lack the vocabulary and intelligence to express themselves in a concise manner ...


#5 ...  On behalf of the PMO, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, this is now the (in my personal opinion) improved ‘for publication’ version of the Safe Restart Agreement (September 17th)

Yesterday, the Prime Ministers propaganda department (AKA the Prime Ministers Office) sent out a media release on next steps for the Safe Restart program.

Having worked for many years in the media, I realized right away that someone had missed running this past the editor(s) to check for any things which needed to be fined tuned ...


#4 ... We do the economically idiotic and suicidal thing; selling our resources at a discount to the Americans, and buying at a premium from the Saudis - it’s a plan for economic self-destruction (September 14th)

This afternoon (September 14th) In Conservative Party Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre, joined Kamloops Thompson Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod for a small luncheon.  He spoke to approximately 50 guests, and the following is a summary of what he had to say ...


#3 ... Ironically (under a Universal Basic Income program) you’d have to raise taxes on workers -- it would be a wealth transfer to the privileged from the working-class people – Conservative Finance critic Pierre Poilievre (September 15th)

It’s too soon – it’s difficult to say what they’re going to do. I’ll give you a bit of an overview on the universal basic income issue.

With universal income ... the basic idea is everyone would get a flat income cheque from the government, and depending on the model, that cheque would be clawed back based on your earnings ...


#2 ... Leslyn Lewis to seek Haldimand-Norfolk Conservative nomination – gains full support of current, and retiring, MP Diane Finley (September 15th)

Haldimand-Norfolk is a beautiful place with the most amazing, hard-working people. It would be an absolute honour to represent them and fight to make their lives better,” said Leslyn Lewis, former leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Leslyn Lewis proved to be a formidable competitor in the recent Conservative Leadership race, securing 30 per cent of points nationally on the second ballet and winning the popular vote. Support for Lewis in Haldimand-Norfolk was over 50% of the vote ...

AND NOW here’s the #1 commentary of the week ...

#1 ...
Businesses are barely keeping their doors open (some no longer are), families are struggling, municipalities are in trouble financially. We need to get on a course of recovery, not a provincial election’ ~~ Conservative leader Trevor Bolin (September 15th)

The Conservative Party of BC will be carefully watching Premier John Horgan and the NDP, in the coming days, regarding the escalating rumours of a snap election ... that from leader Trevor Bolin, speaking from Ft. St. John, after I asked him earlier today about the party’s preparation for a possible fall election ...


And that completes our look at the top stories of the week.  Have you got an idea for something we should look into? If you do, be sure to let ume know by sending an email off to

Meantime, I hope you’ll continue to make this blog site a regular stop for information – and if you know of others who might be interested in what’s presented here, please be sure to let them know.

Thanks ... and enjoy the rest of your day!


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